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Since the beginning of business activity Hamza in the seventies of the last century was the
diversity and development of the company's activity goal Astaratejaa for those in charge it
began activity creates nurseries for the company on different areas and diverse areas began
on a farm Kerdasa on an area of ​​10 acres through farm Mansoura on an area of ​​20 acres
and ended farm west Nubariya with cent acres Given the abundance produce these farms of
abundance and diversification in production plants and ornamental trees kicked off the
company in the work of exporting these products to many countries, especially Arab and
African countries after the company has provided for the local market what it needs from the
types and varieties of plants and trees Accessories and continuation of the policy of diversity
and development activities of the company and what its success in the local market, raided
the company contracting field agricultural land fixed and potential super allowed it to excel
and specialization in the field of contracting agricultural in general and the establishment and
maintenance of sports stadiums and tourist villages in particular, making her the lead in this
area, where saw her so many international and local experts and complement system
diversification in the company's activities and to achieve the integration of its various
activities of agricultural equipment, especially shearing machines grass-capacity and
different species as well as the import of agricultural inputs from the seeds of ornamental
plants and trees, which helped the company to achieve the highest level of integration in its
various activities The company produces and exports and imports and implement mega-
projects on the level Republic and the emphasis on diversification and development as a
policy fixed those in charge of the company the company entered the field of animal
production creates a farm fattening cattle and sheep on an area fiftieth acres in West
Nubariya under the supervision of professors feed specialists and veterinarians competent
and engineers agricultural specialists in animal production and the company is still in the
prospects ambitions much every Mantmanah that we get the satisfaction of all the company's
customers in all its various activities in order to continue success for years and years
God is the source of strength
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