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Afforestation 6 October City.
Afforestation Mubarak City for educational buildings.
Afforestation through Katameya Ain Sukhna.
Afforestation Ring Road green belt.
Afforestation International Medical Center.
Afforestation central island city of Sharm el-Sheikh.
By Naama Bay.
Afforestation Almaza Airport.
Afforestation Belbeis Airport.
Plant for the leadership of the Air Force.
Afforestation training center village of Beni Suef.
Afforestation city envoys.
Cairo University.
Afforestation British Cultural Center.
Afforestation French Archaeological Institute.
Afforestation resort management major projects
the Air Force.
Afforestation Mschqy armed forces in Maadi.
Afforestation of the Supreme Constitutional Court.
Chjurmerkz air navigation radar.
Afforestation Sheikh Zayed Hospital.
Afforestation October 6 University.
Afforestation Military College Planetarium.
Afforestation creams power station.
Afforestation Assiut Power Station.
Afforestation factories Semeks.
Afforestation of a power station north of Cairo.
Afforestation parts of New Cairo City.
Afforestation Shooting Club Branch 6 October.
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Zewail City for
Science and Technology.
Paradise Park.
National projects
Acts which took place in national projects
Photo Gallery